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Comparing Sleeper Sofa Styles and You

Coming from the days of futons, “cots”, sleeping on the floor with blankets and pillows, to blow up air mattresses; we all know the physical and mental pain or anguish associated with sleeping over a friends place for the night and the accompanying fear of not sleeping comfortably.

Although sleeper sofas are not a new concept, many people don’t realize the broad variety available to them, how or where to find them, what a fair price is for one, and most importantly which one would best suit their home for the sake of daily usage or just simply weekend guests.

At Eastman Furniture we want to not only expose you to the various styles and models of sleeper sofas, but also help you easily understand, make sense of price-range, and be able to say “I know that one!” when someone references the difference between a Burton Modular Sleeper Loveseat, a DHP Emily Grey Linen Convertible Futon, and why a Dublexo Deluxe Sofa is in principal, designed for two or more persons to sleep on, at different angles, given the right sizes and height.

Why a Budget and Sleeper Sofa Futons Might Work

Believe it or not, there is absolutely a distinction between a futon sofa, versus a sleeper sofa futon. In fact, a simple way to conceptualize the difference is to appreciate that a sleeper sofa futon was designed with typically more premium grade materials, such as chrome legs, an iron frame, and a much more consistently responsive open to closing mechanism than the ‘run of the mill’ futons that you may have purchased in the past at Wal-Mart for $100.00—not to discredit the value of finding good deals, but rather to point you in a more profitable, practical direction to get the most out of what you pay!

Futon sleeper sofas actually start out quite basic, from a Klik Klak Convertible Sleeper Sofa (just peaking $200.00 available on WayFair) to an Emily Convertible Futon—which has a very classy, vinyl look to it, is comfortable, and actually would not be assumed to even be a sleeper sofa or “futon”. Should you be using your sleeper sofa futon on a more regular basis, than a Premier Carver Convertible Sleeper Sofa might be a very ideal selection for you, as it has arm rests (head rests) on each side, barring you’re the right height and weight to sleep comfortably on it. The ladder costing a more modest, average (discounted) price of about $500.00.

If you’re looking for a sleeper sofa with character, an attractive wooden frame, and not afraid to expose the fact that it’s likely a futon sleeper sofa, than the Phoenix Suede Futon and Mattress is a perfect fit for you! (You can find that product directly here: It’s very stylish, and comes in a modest neutral black to navy blue color scheme. With solid hardwood construction, 294 coils, and no tools needed to assemble, it’s definitely a desirable sleeper sofa futon for someone seeking to add not only comfort, but also character and personality to their home. The collapsible table extension is an added bonus, and although just peaking $500.00, this sleeper sofa futon has great reviews, is sturdy, solid, and given the substantial amount of coils is likely to be quite comfortable.

Lay Flat Sofas are Modern and Stylish

Many people have not been exposed to a modern lay flat sleeper sofa, as the majority of the most dynamic designs for this model of sleeper sofas will typically be found on premium furniture manufacturer websites, are sometimes custom built, or simply only available via the internet.  Two big names to keep in mind for true lay flat sleeper sofas are DHP and Jacksonville. These are considered premium grade, modern, and dynamically designed lay-flat sleeper sofa’s that are built for comfort, flexibility, style, and appearance. has a very nice selection of various models and styles of sleeper sofas, but easily start at and exceed a $1,000.00 budget—but there’s no harm in shopping around! If you’re looking for quality and size in a sleeper sofa couch or futon, we here at EastmanFurniture have received numerous positive feedback on Full Sleepers from! You can easily get a Queen Size at just over half a grand.

Lay flat sleeper sofas and futon sleeper sofas can easily be confused with one another, however a key distinguishing factor to tell the difference is that lay flat sleeper sofas commonly have more unique styles, positions, and fittings; such as adjustable head-rests, the various positions each side can be risen or put down to, and what sides or corners actually have this mobility—while a futon sleeper sofa will typically just shift from couch to futon, up and down—through these two positions-only.

An excellent choice for a modern lay flat sleeper sofa, especially for an “ikea-like” feel would be the DHP Layton Marsala Linen Chaise—even better, these types of lay flat sleeper sofas are fairly in the same range as futon sleeper sofas, starting just shy of $200.00!

If you’re looking for a lay-flat sleeper sofa with more added comfort, style, and strength, then the Seattle White and Green Futon Sofa Bed is a perfect combination of a “lay flat” style, combined with a sleeper sofa futon structure. This company and product will run you a bit higher, starting at around $600.00, however is constructed of a wooden frame which is very sturdy, long-lasting, and an also very attractive leatherette feel and look to it—naturally, you get a bit more when you pay a bit more.

Should you be a businessman or businesswoman, or just really looking for something with an extra classy-touch to it, then the Furniture of America Deep Cushion 2-Piece Sleeper Sofa is an excellent choice, made from chrome and bicast leather.  This is a very well put together sleeper sofa and couch, given its chrome and solid wood construction, and is sure to hold a substantial amount of weight as both a couch and sleeper sofa, provide plenty of comfort, and really add a sophisticated feel to your home.

How important are sleeper sofa feet size and fittings?

While replacing feet on a sleeper sofa is not an impossible task, it can be easily done with even stronger grade material, barring the measurements are the same via a site or source such as For example, you can check out a set here:

However, in terms of changing the feet size on what you already have on your sleeper sofa, this is not recommended. In fact, such a modification could void your warranty, or even cause accidental damage or injury. Always stick to your sleeper sofa manual, and when in doubt contact the manufacturer for questions or concerns regarding your product!

Catch some stylish, comfier Zzz’s with EastmanFurniture!

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