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Selecting the Right Sleeper Sofa for You

When people desire a sleeper sofa, they typically are after convenience, comfort, mobility, flexibility, and style.

Although there are many options out there for sleeper sofas, unfortunately many of them are cheaply made, not easy to put together, break down, or are difficult to open and close. This is especially a hindrance to the customer, since it’s typically the kind of “bed” you’d find in a tiny apartment with someone who’s always on the go or moving quickly.

If you’re serious about not only getting the best deal, but also making practical sense of the selections that you have available, make an effort to rely on a source that’s reputable and won’t steer you wrong, like Eastman Furniture. Other internet sources don’t compare, such as EHow, or other review sites and competitors in which are often unreliable, as they’re not only commonly mimicking generic information.

Match Your Personality to Your Sleeper Sofa

When deciding which online source to use for seeking out and purchasing a sleeper sofa, try not to limit yourself to just one—or even two resources. Keep an open-mind, and understand that each business will have different products, levels of comfort, and will fall between various budget categories that may or may not fit your needs.

Does the sleeper sofa you’re interested in match your “style”? While this might seem like an arbitrary term, in reality it’s significant, considering not only the money you’ll spend, but that it’s likely you’ll be relying on the comfort and safety of this furniture on a regular basis, for years to come!

Do you know how much space you have in your home for a sleeper sofa? This is a vital first step before you get carried away shopping around online for a sleeper sofa.

Have you done your Research?

 For example, it’s worth understanding that most “Small” Twin (pull out) sofa beds measure at approximately 56 x 90 inches, while a twin sleeper ottoman can easily measure longer in width, dependent upon style. Also, make sure you keep in mind the distinction of how much space a full sized (72x 90 inches) sleeper sofa would take up, and that a queen size sleeper sofa is a substantially sized piece of furniture, measuring in at approximately at 84 x 90 when opened.

When considering and purchasing a sleeper sofa, it’s worth taking into consideration how much space not only the bed and sofa itself will take up, but also how much rearranging might be necessary, or how difficult you’re making it on yourself given the sizes of the sleeper sofa both expanded and when “closed”.

More than one kind of Sleeper Sofa?

Many people don’t realize it, but there’s actually a multitude of sleeper sofas for various environments, styles, and levels of comfort.

For example, a ‘Crate and Barrel’ (See: for full selection!) sleeper sofa is more or less a wide angled love-seat that actually pulls out into a sleeper sofa. For those that have more ‘stacking’ space and a wider radius, consider checking out ‘Bo Concept’ sleeper sofas which essentially start as a cushiony chair or sofa without a back, and then ‘unroll’ or expand into a sleeper sofa (See Bo Concept’s selections HERE!:

Lastly, a really worthwhile and popular style of sleeper sofas is the Design Within Reach (Check out more at!) , which is a much classier option, is already a day bed, and simply expands into multiple (twin) beds for example, and can be easily ‘rolled’ back when not in use. It’s still comfortable and enjoyable to lay on or even sit up right on when spending time or watching movies with loved ones or friends.

It’s important to keep in mind that the three aforementioned forms of sleeper sofas are not exactly on the ‘cheaper’ end, and each will cost around at least $400. This leads us to our next area of focus; cost! What if this price range is not practical for you? Is it a good idea to buy second-hand, used, or from an online ‘outlet’ store?

A Practical Budget

Pretty much anyone you’ll ask, no matter what it is, but especially when it’s referring to a product that you’re going to rely on for personal comfort and convenience, they’re always willing to, or seeking a discount or good deal! However, great discretion should be used, and if you don’t currently have the funds, it’s worth saving up to invest in a sleeper sofa that’s not only going to be most practical for your home (and comfort), but also for your wallet.


If I purchase online, how can I know for sure if it’s a good fit for me or the style I’m looking for? Simple! Check out a local authorized dealer for the brand that you’re seeking, local malls, big brand furniture stores, and see for yourself by testing them out!

Being vigilant and doing your due diligence in researching and reading reviews for the best sleeper sofa assumedly your responsibility—and since some websites only provide a 30-day warranty with their furniture, it’s essential that you come as close as possible to the “perfect” fit!

Have you checked out for your sleeper sofa needs? This is a very reputable all-around deal-saver and quality product provider and service that’s been around for many years and always strives—comparably—towards providing the best prices in comparison to other major dealers or furniture websites and businesses.

How do I decide on a Color and Material Texture?

These both are great questions, and absolutely significant as to not only your personality and budget, but also to what types of guests (including pets) that you might have in your home to ensure you are most practical with your purchase. We here ate Eastman Furniture wanted to take the ‘sting’ out of the initial shock of having to go through conceptualizing so many potentially new terms, name brands, styles, hazards, and trends with sleeper sofas.

If you have children that like to play a lot, or pets that love to climb or scratch, then unfortunately, leather might not be the most practical material for your sleeper sofa. However, a sofa cover (with blankets on top) could do the trick—or another form of protective, yet comfortable laminate.

Leather is an extremely desirable material and texture, as it tends to age and grow its own uniquely “faded” look or personality (appealing to the eye) over time.

Leather also withstands well against spills and dirt, and can be very attractive to both you and your guests. Unfortunately, as many people know, leather can also be very reactive with the weather, as when it’s super cold or hot the leather may become ‘clammy’ or undesirable to sit or lay on—so keep these variables in mind—especially when it comes to deciding on furniture for sleep!

Cotton and Linen are two of the next most popular materials used to create sleeper sofas, but are considered extremely ‘fragile’, absorb and hold stains sometimes indefinitely, and can be very sensitive to wear and tear. This is definitely not recommended for those with pets, kids, or a home that will hit it with daily abuse. Besides, this material is known for holding in dirt, oils, and greases which can—and likely will—wear out and cause deterioration fairly quickly.

With these materials being mentioned, and the rarity as well as sensitivity of wool and silk fibers in sleeper sofas, it becomes evident why seeking out a ‘synthetic leather’ or vinyl fabric might be more ideal as it tends to more effectively withstand daily wear and tear of nearly any element. Microfiber, Faux Leather, and Acrylic materials are all noteworthy synthetic materials worth researching when] considering your future sleeper sofa.

How Do I Choose the Right Color?

Most people searching for and considering their future sleeper sofa might consider this factor to be less significant, as it’s ‘just a color’ and only relate it to their personality or significance of matching the color scheme of their house or apartment. However, we here at EastmanFurniture want you to know this is simply not the case, and put an emphasis on such to try to improve your shopping and sleeping experience!

For example, lighter colors will be much more susceptible to damages of various types, including from the sun, but also from spills, pets, kids, and other daily or regular abuse, misuse, or ‘accidents’.

Dependent upon the sleeper sofa’s nature of material, typically a darker color will hold up better to normal wear and tear, spills, and in general are more practical for regular usage—especially if this is genuinely going to be your everyday or even weekend sleeper sofa for guests!

Remember, nearly every sleeper sofa’s material will wear and fade over time in color, so try to select a darker color such as grey, maroon, dark brown, or taupe—and of course black would be the most ideal for obvious reasons—if its available, plus it’s a neutral color!

Take Your Time and Avoid the “Fakes”

At Eastman Furniture we are enthusiasts of not only sleeper sofas, but also comfortable, convenient, reliable, and practical furniture for our homes and those of our friends—and guests, which includes you!

With that being said, please be sure to not only thoroughly review the business in which you’re considering purchasing from, but also that the brand you are buying is genuine, as there are plenty of fakes or “copies” of high-label furniture brands out there on global buying and selling sites such as

Not only does being patient, taking your time, applying common sense, and being analytical contribute to getting the most out of your money for a sleeper sofa, but in many instances when you are spending such a substantial amount of money or investment in sleeper sofas, we highly recommend that you buy-direct from the manufacturer or authorized resellers-only—such as Ikea! (Check out great deals on sleeper sofas from Ikea today!

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