The Invention and Innovations of Sleeper Sofas

The History of sleeper sofas is quite interesting. Not only because of the simple fact of designs and style changes over time, but because it’s history evolves and morphs about 2 to 3 times for different purposes in different directions, really showing customers today why, for what, and how each were built hundreds of years ago, versus now.

From Then to Now

Looking at the history of sleeper sofas, we can appreciate the originality of Leonard C. Bailey, whom invented the sleeper desk, laid down the framework (no pun intended) for sleeper sofa designs—and manufacturing blueprints today.

In fact, thanks to his invention during the 1800’s, a top U.S. Army Medical Board administration and review team caught wind of it and contracted him and his product to serve tens of thousands of troops overseas or otherwise based in a camp-setup environment. While some might have seen these as “fold away cots”, the reality is that the same “sandwich” or corner to middle fold from each end principle is similar to many modern day sleeper sofa designs. This specific design came about around the early 1900’s by an inventor by the name of William Murphy who then coined the product a ‘pivot bed’. (As a matter of fact, Murphy Bed Co. still manufactured sleeper sofas based on this design and concept to as late as 2013!)

Sleeper sofa’s continued to evolve during the mid to late 1900’s, as various fold-away, pivot, and mobile (think: convertible sleeper sofa models) versions were built and mass-produced for the public.

Traditional and Classic Sleeper Sofa’s

People today choose to invest their money into traditional and classic sleeper sofa models not only for comfort, but very much so for its blatant appearance of class and style. Big name brands of traditional and classic sleeper sofas such as Broyhill and Klaussner can range in an antique-like style, a neutral, flat brown style such as the Klaussner Fletcher, all the way to to a premium leather sectional couch with more than one pull-out or sleeper-sofas!

It’s definitely noteworthy to appreciate that the aforementioned two, most popular and reputable brands for traditional and classic sleeper sofas are undoubtedly on the higher-end of pricing, typically coming in at a minimum premium price of $1,000.00, brand new, whether assembled or flat pack—this should be the expected median range.

If leather is a necessity for you in considering a traditional or classic sleeper sofa, it’s vital that you prepare to shell out a substantial amount of money—and also keep in mind how easily leather can be torn, fade over time, be uncomfortable per the temperature, and unfortunately hold in stains. If it’s only ‘for-show’, then it’s perhaps a great choice for you, if you have the space and funds.

Even for just a two-seater sized sleeper sofa for example, all American leather, can cost you at a minimum; $800.00—and that’s not for a king or Queen Size.

We here at EastmanFurniture want to recommend something perhaps more practical, longer-lasting, and equally beautiful—Faux Leather, or synthetic leather material. If you take the time to research and shop around, you can literally find a three-seater “all leather” (Faux Leather) full couch to sleeper-sofa for an average range price of $450.00 (Check out the Sleeper Sofa, by Wildon Home here: We at Eastman Furniture challenge you to tell us the difference between the quality and comfort of each, and send us your feedback!

Another perfect example and alternative to an all American Leather full-couch and sleeper sofa is the Sleeper Sofa by Jennifer Taylor (Find here:, this couch literally transforms into a twin-bed sized sleeper sofa, and has the appearance of a leather couch backing—although it’s actually polyester. You can find comparable sleeper sofas and alternatives to leather-material by searching and considering additional sleeper sofas such as this one, within these categories, and the alternative materials outlined above.

If you’re set on purchasing an all American Leather Sleeper Sofa, prepare to shell out at a minimum, $1,000.00. Although you can find and select an ottoman style, comfort chair, and even sectional, it’s important to keep in mind that they easily will range upwards of $2,200.00-$4,500.00. Brynlee is one brand name to keep in mind, or if you’re set on all American Leather sleeper sofas then there’s the Nathan Comfort Sleeper Sofa. You can find these on FlyByNight, or

Modernized Sleeper Sofas and You

Modern sleeper sofas are just that, modern, both in appearance and construct. If you look at a modern J&M sleeper sofa, or one night stand convertible sofa for example; you’re going to really see the premium quality build, as well as added length, assembly, and open to closing mechanisms that really reflect a strong convenience in mind for you as the customer—along with your guests.

When it comes to modern sleeper sofas, think of Ikea style, but then multiply that by about 8. These are not cheap furniture pieces, come in a wide range of selections, and in fact in light of the premium prices for these, you’ll notice that modern sleeper sofas are built to nearly every style, size, and mattress to frame grade and material that you could think of—or more importantly desire.

If you’re considering purchasing a modern sleeper sofa, prepare yourself to shell out at least $800.00, for an either top of the line quality, (Timothy brand) two seat sleeper sofa, or conversely a dynamic, modern or ‘new age’ sleeper sofa like the Premium Sofa Bed—a unique style and build, which is not for everyone in terms of comfort of support.

The principal here is to appreciate what each price range will allow for your selection, desirability, and actual comfort—based on the style, size of course, brand, and appearance—such as a classic or novelty look.

The reality is, some of these modern sleeper sofa’s might be viewed as more ‘for show’ than daily usage, but are indeed incredibly beautiful, dynamic, and come in very creative styles—such as The Premier Crash Convertible Sofa by Sauder. If you shop around a bit, you can try to match the size and comfort to your budget—but there’s definitely a trend with modern sleeper sofas of paying in the range of between $1,000.00-$2,100.00, should you get creative and fall in love with such a unique, original style. Count on reliable, detailed, honest sources such as LoveYourSofa to lead the way and take the first few steps towards your next premium, modern, and classical or traditional sleeper sofa!

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