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Sofa fabrics, leather, durablend, faux or fabric: How to choose

Choosing a sofa that fits your home entails that you focus on a few different characteristics of the sofa such as comfort, type of material, durability, style and maintenance. There are many different types of sofas available such as leather, durablend, faux or fabric. Other fabrics include knit, velvet, Olefin, acrylic, Polypropylene, etc. Aside from this, you also need to choose a style. You will look through sectional sofas, love sofas or even round sofas.

Finding a brand new sofa for your home is not only fun but also a memorable experience. Be sure to make it more worthwhile by researching the different types of sofas. This way you choose the right fit for your needs and the home. You want something that adheres to your budget and is comfortable. It’s also important to look for a pattern or style that matches the color or theme of your home.

The best way to choose a sofa is by looking at your home first. Does it have a theme? What colors are the walls painted? What types of decorations do you have? Usually you want to get a sofa that has matching colors as your home. You also want a couch that is a functional fit. Let’s say you often have friends who sleep over, crashing in the living room. Every night you need to pull out the air bed. This is neither functional nor is appropriate for the room. Instead, you should decide on a pull out sofa.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about if you plan on purchasing a new sofa. Let’s look at the top characteristics when it comes to purchasing a sofa. This guide will help you choose the best sofa for your home and needs.


The number one rule of buying a sofa is to try it before you buy it. That’s right, sit down in it for a few minutes to see how you feel. With leather sofas, you might notice they are cooler for you but you may feel as if you are sinking into them. These sofas are not recommended if you have cats. If you do have cats that like to claw, a fabric sofa is the best choice.

The benefit of fabric sofas is that they are warm and fully supports your spine. A Durablend sofa is much like leather sofa. The only difference is that it is fuller, providing extra cushioning for your neck and back.

Look for sofas that have end pillows on them as these types will give you added comfort. They are great for the neck if you tend to lie down on your back, with your neck supported. You will be able to find sofas that are considered rare, but work for those of you who prefer being close to the floor. For example, you can look for floor couch sofas. There are many different styles of these and they are much like a bed.

Type of material

The types of material are very important when choosing a sofa. You will find that antique sofas are made from fabric and can be customized if you want to change the style.

  • Sofas made from synthetic fibers are better if you have kids around the house since they are not easily stained. Synthetics include polyester, nylon acrylic or olefin. This type of material is often blended with other natural fibers so they are more durable.
  • With other sofas that have natural fiber, you will encounter materials cotton, linen or wool. Natural fibers are usually created from a mix of process wool and other materials.
  • As for leather, it is not really considered a fabric. The reason why is because it is made from processed animal hide. If you plan on getting leather, make sure it is top grain. This is considered the highest quality leather among couches. It is also incredibly thick, unlike split-grain or suede leathers.
  • Wool sofas are incredibly beautiful but their beauty comes with a price. You might have trouble finding this type of material since it is rare. However, it is a good pick if you want something that will keep you warm. This sofa is ideal for those who live in cold environments and need something that will make them feel comfortable.

Material durability

If your home is considered a “high traffic area” where you invite many people in or have a lot of family members, you will want to focus on the material durability of your sofa. After all, since this sofa is being used throughout the day with everyone sitting on it, you will see some heavy wear and tear over the years. For this, you want to look into the top most durable types of sofas.

Microfiber is one of the top rated among a sofa’s durability. Not only that, it is easy to clean. If your child comes with a ballpoint pen and scribbles all over the microfiber, it will come out instantly when you clean it.

One way to extend the durability of your sofa is by adding a slip cover. Almost all couches can have slipcovers added to them. Not only does a slip cover give your sofa another style but it also protects your investment. Your couch will be protected from scratches, pen marks, nail polish, dirt, dust, and so on. It is also great for people who have dogs. Having a softa with tons of hair on it isn’t fun. However, by using a slipcover, you will be able to wash it twice a week so that way your couch always looks clean.

How easy to clean

Most sofa types are easy to clean if you know the correct way to clean them. Pets or kids can definitely damage the a couch and this is why you need to clean it on a weekly basis. By doing this, you will keep your sofa looking new and clean. After all, you want to extend the life of the couch right? The longer you wait to clean your couch, the more difficult it will be to remove stains, scratches, and other marks. Most people get a new couch every 7 years on average. If you take good care of your couch, you could extend it’s life to even 10 years.

With a microfiber sofa, it will be incredibly easy to clean. As we mentioned previously, any type of stains will disappear when you clean your sofa. The correct way to clean this type of sofa is by first vacuuming it with the hose attachment on your vacuum. Do not press the nozzle down to hard on the fabric or you could press dust into the microfiber. Begin vacuuming the the sofa in one direction and then go in the opposite direction to ensure you have cleaned out all the dust and dirt. Now mix a little laundry soap into a bowl of cold water. Take a clean washcloth and dip it into this water. Begin cleaning your sofa by rubbing the washcloth against the fibers gently. You see how easy that was to clean?

For those of you with leather sofas, the easiest way to clean it is using the same method we mentioned above. The only difference is that after the sofa has dried, you will need to apply a leather shampoo and conditioner. This makes the leather look shiny and new. For stains that are hard to get out, you can use tartar and lemon juice. Rubbing alcohol is also good for stains but just be sure not to use too much.

Materials make a statement

A sofa can make a statement within your home, especially for the material. There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to buying a sofa. You have at least 17 different fabrics to choose from. On top of that, you will need to decide on a print type. There is plaid, floral, stripes, frames, geometrics, and ethnic patterns. If your home calls for something highly unique, you can also have a customized slipcover made for you. It may be very expensive to do this but it will definitely bring out the beauty in your sofa.

If you are someone who has a lot of rugs or carpeting around the home, you’ll want to make sure the texture of your sofa matches or is somewhat similar. For example, if you have a brown leather couch with a Persian rug beneath, it may not suit your home very well. If you really want to make a statement with a leather sofa, it is best to use a faux animal rug. This looks especially great on dark hardwood floor.

The best way to make your sofa stand out is by adding complimentary items around it such as end tables, decorations or even pictures. Flowers in vases look exceptional next to a sofa or even on the coffee table in front of it. Play around and see what looks best.

Overall, there are so many options when it comes to sofas. Now that we have covered everything you need to know, it is your turn to make a decision on what type of sofa you would like. For more information on sofas, you can look at other articles on Eastman Furniture.

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