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Sleeper Sofas: Size, Mattress & Comfort

Selecting the Sleeper Sofa for You

If you’re considering purchasing and using a sleeper sofa, may it be for yourself, occasional guests, or for daily sleeping; there are a lot of variables to consider before purchasing.

Believe it or not, most sleeper sofa’s will not be assembled when you purchase them, but can be if you request it, pay extra, or perhaps are buying it pre-built via the online catalog or business you decide to purchase it from.

Some people may find that purchasing an air mattress (ouch, let’s hope it’s temporary), or a simple bed and box spring to be more convenient or most practical for their home. Others may just wish to purchase a basic sofa and sleep on that. It ultimately, however, comes down to what you’re looking to get for your money, may it be comfort, convenience, simplicity, the size of your home, or frequency of usage. We here at Eastman Furniture are not interested in recommending or sticking our customers with a product that they simply don’t like, don’t want, or won’t use—we want you to sleep happily and comfortably!


Pre-Built Isn’t Always Best

Although sleeper sofas are built for convenience, purchasing one already built might not necessarily be the solution for you. Dependent upon not only the size or area where you intend to set it up, but also taking into consideration the width and height of your entry door, stairways, elevator, or how far you have to carry it up and ultimately assemble it are crucial.

Try to keep these more or less “principle” sizes in mind when deciding on which to purchase for the best sleeper sofa fit:

Chair: 51 to 58 inches
Twin: 56 to 65 inches
Full: 68 to 92 inches
Queen: 79 to 101 inches

 If you purchase a flat-pack, dependent upon size, it may behoove you to ensure you have a family or friend, or hired helper to move, carry, and assemble the new sleeper sofa into your home. Sleeper sofas, for obvious size and style difference, can understandably be extremely heavy—so prepare yourself and make sure you double check not only the weight of the sleeper sofa (assembled) in the product description, but of course, also its weight capacity which is considerably of equal importance.

Which of these sizes are most practical for which rooms and what types of guests is understandably going to come down to the size or your home, yourself, your guests, and the sleeper sofa itself.

Although most sleeper sofas are built with simple mattress, coil, and spring mechanisms; for those buying one for the first time it can be a hassle—and the last thing we here at Eastman Furniture you want to do is miss a screw or a step in assembly that could mean the difference between your safety or comfort!

Understanding the Mattress “Types”

After deciding upon a style, such as fold-away, love seat (Chair), Crate and Barrel for example, or Bo Concept, it’s worthwhile for you to take into consideration the various mattress types for each one—as well as how it best suits you!

Are you looking for a ‘bouncy’ mattress that will be able to take heavier weight (multiple persons), and perhaps a little occasional abuse (children jumping about)? Then the innerspring mattress design for sleeper sofas might best suit you—and a rule of thumb is the more coils the better, typically maxing out at 644 coils total, dependent upon size.

Other customers looking for added comfort and whom will be frequently using their sleeper sofa on a regular basis might find air coil mattresses to be worth the added investment. Then of course, there’s always—just like with regular mattresses—memory foam mattresses for your sleeper sofa, which are considerably optimal when it comes to comfort, contorting to your body, and not leaving you with an achy back or neck the next morning.

Understanding Sleeper Sofas and Level of Comfort

A lot of first-time customers of sleeper sofas might not realize it, but not only are there ‘classes’ of sleeper sofas, but there are also different builds (reflective through price difference of course), and those that are more ‘therapeutically’ designed—just like a regular mattress or sofa! (For example, see memory foam mattresses above) You can count on Eastman Furniture to help you break down and make sense of the differences, as well as which fit will ideally be most practical for you!

Have you considered adding a “mattress topper” for your sleeper sofa if a memory foam sleeper sofa mattress, for example, is out of your price-range or budget?

Determining what sleeper sofa type best fits you might seem like an impossible question on one hand, yet obvious on the other. Ultimately, the physical condition, size, height, and weight of yourself and or your guests for example are considerably significant when determining whether or not and which type of sleeper sofa would be most practical for you and your loved ones or guests.

It’s significant in considering not only comfort, but also stability, what material or materials are used in the manufacturing of the sleeper sofa you’re interested in, metal (such as stainless steel or chrome frames) of course being primal to wood for example, and avoiding plastic or acrylic parts for obvious reasons—so you get the most out of your sleeper sofa over a prolonged period of time!

Optimizing Your Sleeper Sofa Search

Crate & Barrel, DWR, Room & Board, and Bo Concept are some of the most well-known names of reputable, comfortable, long-lasting sleeper sofas.

Most of their products are considerably ‘therapeutic’ in terms of quality and comfort, and can easily be found through therapeutic and sleeper sofa product manufacturer sites such as;

The beauty of many of these well-known, premium grade sleeper sofa’s and their corresponding websites is that browsing these allow you to further understand what it is you’re considering or going to invest your money in, and what to expect.

The best part is, once you’ve decided, you can go and search that model or brand name elsewhere or an accredited online furniture outlet (ensure it provides a credible warranty program), or other reputable discount furniture site, making the most out of your budget, comfort, and overall experience!