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Sleeper Sofas: Size, Mattress & Comfort

Selecting the Sleeper Sofa for You

If you’re considering purchasing and using a sleeper sofa, may it be for yourself, occasional guests, or for daily sleeping; there are a lot of variables to consider before purchasing.

Believe it or not, most sleeper sofa’s will not be assembled when you purchase them, but can be if you request it, pay extra, or perhaps are buying it pre-built via the online catalog or business you decide to purchase it from.

Some people may find that purchasing an air mattress (ouch, let’s hope it’s temporary), or a simple bed and box spring to be more convenient or most practical for their home. Others may just wish to purchase a basic sofa and sleep on that. It ultimately, however, comes down to what you’re looking to get for your money, may it be comfort, convenience, simplicity, the size of your home, or frequency of usage. We here at Eastman Furniture are not interested in recommending or sticking our customers with a product that they simply don’t like, don’t want, or won’t use—we want you to sleep happily and comfortably!


Pre-Built Isn’t Always Best

Although sleeper sofas are built for convenience, purchasing one already built might not necessarily be the solution for you. Dependent upon not only the size or area where you intend to set it up, but also taking into consideration the width and height of your entry door, stairways, elevator, or how far you have to carry it up and ultimately assemble it are crucial.

Try to keep these more or less “principle” sizes in mind when deciding on which to purchase for the best sleeper sofa fit:

Chair: 51 to 58 inches
Twin: 56 to 65 inches
Full: 68 to 92 inches
Queen: 79 to 101 inches

 If you purchase a flat-pack, dependent upon size, it may behoove you to ensure you have a family or friend, or hired helper to move, carry, and assemble the new sleeper sofa into your home. Sleeper sofas, for obvious size and style difference, can understandably be extremely heavy—so prepare yourself and make sure you double check not only the weight of the sleeper sofa (assembled) in the product description, but of course, also its weight capacity which is considerably of equal importance.

Which of these sizes are most practical for which rooms and what types of guests is understandably going to come down to the size or your home, yourself, your guests, and the sleeper sofa itself.

Although most sleeper sofas are built with simple mattress, coil, and spring mechanisms; for those buying one for the first time it can be a hassle—and the last thing we here at Eastman Furniture you want to do is miss a screw or a step in assembly that could mean the difference between your safety or comfort!

Understanding the Mattress “Types”

After deciding upon a style, such as fold-away, love seat (Chair), Crate and Barrel for example, or Bo Concept, it’s worthwhile for you to take into consideration the various mattress types for each one—as well as how it best suits you!

Are you looking for a ‘bouncy’ mattress that will be able to take heavier weight (multiple persons), and perhaps a little occasional abuse (children jumping about)? Then the innerspring mattress design for sleeper sofas might best suit you—and a rule of thumb is the more coils the better, typically maxing out at 644 coils total, dependent upon size.

Other customers looking for added comfort and whom will be frequently using their sleeper sofa on a regular basis might find air coil mattresses to be worth the added investment. Then of course, there’s always—just like with regular mattresses—memory foam mattresses for your sleeper sofa, which are considerably optimal when it comes to comfort, contorting to your body, and not leaving you with an achy back or neck the next morning.

Understanding Sleeper Sofas and Level of Comfort

A lot of first-time customers of sleeper sofas might not realize it, but not only are there ‘classes’ of sleeper sofas, but there are also different builds (reflective through price difference of course), and those that are more ‘therapeutically’ designed—just like a regular mattress or sofa! (For example, see memory foam mattresses above) You can count on Eastman Furniture to help you break down and make sense of the differences, as well as which fit will ideally be most practical for you!

Have you considered adding a “mattress topper” for your sleeper sofa if a memory foam sleeper sofa mattress, for example, is out of your price-range or budget?

Determining what sleeper sofa type best fits you might seem like an impossible question on one hand, yet obvious on the other. Ultimately, the physical condition, size, height, and weight of yourself and or your guests for example are considerably significant when determining whether or not and which type of sleeper sofa would be most practical for you and your loved ones or guests.

It’s significant in considering not only comfort, but also stability, what material or materials are used in the manufacturing of the sleeper sofa you’re interested in, metal (such as stainless steel or chrome frames) of course being primal to wood for example, and avoiding plastic or acrylic parts for obvious reasons—so you get the most out of your sleeper sofa over a prolonged period of time!

Optimizing Your Sleeper Sofa Search

Crate & Barrel, DWR, Room & Board, and Bo Concept are some of the most well-known names of reputable, comfortable, long-lasting sleeper sofas.

Most of their products are considerably ‘therapeutic’ in terms of quality and comfort, and can easily be found through therapeutic and sleeper sofa product manufacturer sites such as;

The beauty of many of these well-known, premium grade sleeper sofa’s and their corresponding websites is that browsing these allow you to further understand what it is you’re considering or going to invest your money in, and what to expect.

The best part is, once you’ve decided, you can go and search that model or brand name elsewhere or an accredited online furniture outlet (ensure it provides a credible warranty program), or other reputable discount furniture site, making the most out of your budget, comfort, and overall experience!


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Selecting the Right Sleeper Sofa for You

When people desire a sleeper sofa, they typically are after convenience, comfort, mobility, flexibility, and style.

Although there are many options out there for sleeper sofas, unfortunately many of them are cheaply made, not easy to put together, break down, or are difficult to open and close. This is especially a hindrance to the customer, since it’s typically the kind of “bed” you’d find in a tiny apartment with someone who’s always on the go or moving quickly.

If you’re serious about not only getting the best deal, but also making practical sense of the selections that you have available, make an effort to rely on a source that’s reputable and won’t steer you wrong, like Eastman Furniture. Other internet sources don’t compare, such as EHow, or other review sites and competitors in which are often unreliable, as they’re not only commonly mimicking generic information.

Match Your Personality to Your Sleeper Sofa

When deciding which online source to use for seeking out and purchasing a sleeper sofa, try not to limit yourself to just one—or even two resources. Keep an open-mind, and understand that each business will have different products, levels of comfort, and will fall between various budget categories that may or may not fit your needs.

Does the sleeper sofa you’re interested in match your “style”? While this might seem like an arbitrary term, in reality it’s significant, considering not only the money you’ll spend, but that it’s likely you’ll be relying on the comfort and safety of this furniture on a regular basis, for years to come!

Do you know how much space you have in your home for a sleeper sofa? This is a vital first step before you get carried away shopping around online for a sleeper sofa.

Have you done your Research?

 For example, it’s worth understanding that most “Small” Twin (pull out) sofa beds measure at approximately 56 x 90 inches, while a twin sleeper ottoman can easily measure longer in width, dependent upon style. Also, make sure you keep in mind the distinction of how much space a full sized (72x 90 inches) sleeper sofa would take up, and that a queen size sleeper sofa is a substantially sized piece of furniture, measuring in at approximately at 84 x 90 when opened.

When considering and purchasing a sleeper sofa, it’s worth taking into consideration how much space not only the bed and sofa itself will take up, but also how much rearranging might be necessary, or how difficult you’re making it on yourself given the sizes of the sleeper sofa both expanded and when “closed”.

More than one kind of Sleeper Sofa?

Many people don’t realize it, but there’s actually a multitude of sleeper sofas for various environments, styles, and levels of comfort.

For example, a ‘Crate and Barrel’ (See: for full selection!) sleeper sofa is more or less a wide angled love-seat that actually pulls out into a sleeper sofa. For those that have more ‘stacking’ space and a wider radius, consider checking out ‘Bo Concept’ sleeper sofas which essentially start as a cushiony chair or sofa without a back, and then ‘unroll’ or expand into a sleeper sofa (See Bo Concept’s selections HERE!:

Lastly, a really worthwhile and popular style of sleeper sofas is the Design Within Reach (Check out more at!) , which is a much classier option, is already a day bed, and simply expands into multiple (twin) beds for example, and can be easily ‘rolled’ back when not in use. It’s still comfortable and enjoyable to lay on or even sit up right on when spending time or watching movies with loved ones or friends.

It’s important to keep in mind that the three aforementioned forms of sleeper sofas are not exactly on the ‘cheaper’ end, and each will cost around at least $400. This leads us to our next area of focus; cost! What if this price range is not practical for you? Is it a good idea to buy second-hand, used, or from an online ‘outlet’ store?

A Practical Budget

Pretty much anyone you’ll ask, no matter what it is, but especially when it’s referring to a product that you’re going to rely on for personal comfort and convenience, they’re always willing to, or seeking a discount or good deal! However, great discretion should be used, and if you don’t currently have the funds, it’s worth saving up to invest in a sleeper sofa that’s not only going to be most practical for your home (and comfort), but also for your wallet.


If I purchase online, how can I know for sure if it’s a good fit for me or the style I’m looking for? Simple! Check out a local authorized dealer for the brand that you’re seeking, local malls, big brand furniture stores, and see for yourself by testing them out!

Being vigilant and doing your due diligence in researching and reading reviews for the best sleeper sofa assumedly your responsibility—and since some websites only provide a 30-day warranty with their furniture, it’s essential that you come as close as possible to the “perfect” fit!

Have you checked out for your sleeper sofa needs? This is a very reputable all-around deal-saver and quality product provider and service that’s been around for many years and always strives—comparably—towards providing the best prices in comparison to other major dealers or furniture websites and businesses.

How do I decide on a Color and Material Texture?

These both are great questions, and absolutely significant as to not only your personality and budget, but also to what types of guests (including pets) that you might have in your home to ensure you are most practical with your purchase. We here ate Eastman Furniture wanted to take the ‘sting’ out of the initial shock of having to go through conceptualizing so many potentially new terms, name brands, styles, hazards, and trends with sleeper sofas.

If you have children that like to play a lot, or pets that love to climb or scratch, then unfortunately, leather might not be the most practical material for your sleeper sofa. However, a sofa cover (with blankets on top) could do the trick—or another form of protective, yet comfortable laminate.

Leather is an extremely desirable material and texture, as it tends to age and grow its own uniquely “faded” look or personality (appealing to the eye) over time.

Leather also withstands well against spills and dirt, and can be very attractive to both you and your guests. Unfortunately, as many people know, leather can also be very reactive with the weather, as when it’s super cold or hot the leather may become ‘clammy’ or undesirable to sit or lay on—so keep these variables in mind—especially when it comes to deciding on furniture for sleep!

Cotton and Linen are two of the next most popular materials used to create sleeper sofas, but are considered extremely ‘fragile’, absorb and hold stains sometimes indefinitely, and can be very sensitive to wear and tear. This is definitely not recommended for those with pets, kids, or a home that will hit it with daily abuse. Besides, this material is known for holding in dirt, oils, and greases which can—and likely will—wear out and cause deterioration fairly quickly.

With these materials being mentioned, and the rarity as well as sensitivity of wool and silk fibers in sleeper sofas, it becomes evident why seeking out a ‘synthetic leather’ or vinyl fabric might be more ideal as it tends to more effectively withstand daily wear and tear of nearly any element. Microfiber, Faux Leather, and Acrylic materials are all noteworthy synthetic materials worth researching when] considering your future sleeper sofa.

How Do I Choose the Right Color?

Most people searching for and considering their future sleeper sofa might consider this factor to be less significant, as it’s ‘just a color’ and only relate it to their personality or significance of matching the color scheme of their house or apartment. However, we here at EastmanFurniture want you to know this is simply not the case, and put an emphasis on such to try to improve your shopping and sleeping experience!

For example, lighter colors will be much more susceptible to damages of various types, including from the sun, but also from spills, pets, kids, and other daily or regular abuse, misuse, or ‘accidents’.

Dependent upon the sleeper sofa’s nature of material, typically a darker color will hold up better to normal wear and tear, spills, and in general are more practical for regular usage—especially if this is genuinely going to be your everyday or even weekend sleeper sofa for guests!

Remember, nearly every sleeper sofa’s material will wear and fade over time in color, so try to select a darker color such as grey, maroon, dark brown, or taupe—and of course black would be the most ideal for obvious reasons—if its available, plus it’s a neutral color!

Take Your Time and Avoid the “Fakes”

At Eastman Furniture we are enthusiasts of not only sleeper sofas, but also comfortable, convenient, reliable, and practical furniture for our homes and those of our friends—and guests, which includes you!

With that being said, please be sure to not only thoroughly review the business in which you’re considering purchasing from, but also that the brand you are buying is genuine, as there are plenty of fakes or “copies” of high-label furniture brands out there on global buying and selling sites such as

Not only does being patient, taking your time, applying common sense, and being analytical contribute to getting the most out of your money for a sleeper sofa, but in many instances when you are spending such a substantial amount of money or investment in sleeper sofas, we highly recommend that you buy-direct from the manufacturer or authorized resellers-only—such as Ikea! (Check out great deals on sleeper sofas from Ikea today!


The Invention and Innovations of Sleeper Sofas

The History of sleeper sofas is quite interesting. Not only because of the simple fact of designs and style changes over time, but because it’s history evolves and morphs about 2 to 3 times for different purposes in different directions, really showing customers today why, for what, and how each were built hundreds of years ago, versus now.

From Then to Now

Looking at the history of sleeper sofas, we can appreciate the originality of Leonard C. Bailey, whom invented the sleeper desk, laid down the framework (no pun intended) for sleeper sofa designs—and manufacturing blueprints today.

In fact, thanks to his invention during the 1800’s, a top U.S. Army Medical Board administration and review team caught wind of it and contracted him and his product to serve tens of thousands of troops overseas or otherwise based in a camp-setup environment. While some might have seen these as “fold away cots”, the reality is that the same “sandwich” or corner to middle fold from each end principle is similar to many modern day sleeper sofa designs. This specific design came about around the early 1900’s by an inventor by the name of William Murphy who then coined the product a ‘pivot bed’. (As a matter of fact, Murphy Bed Co. still manufactured sleeper sofas based on this design and concept to as late as 2013!)

Sleeper sofa’s continued to evolve during the mid to late 1900’s, as various fold-away, pivot, and mobile (think: convertible sleeper sofa models) versions were built and mass-produced for the public.

Traditional and Classic Sleeper Sofa’s

People today choose to invest their money into traditional and classic sleeper sofa models not only for comfort, but very much so for its blatant appearance of class and style. Big name brands of traditional and classic sleeper sofas such as Broyhill and Klaussner can range in an antique-like style, a neutral, flat brown style such as the Klaussner Fletcher, all the way to to a premium leather sectional couch with more than one pull-out or sleeper-sofas!

It’s definitely noteworthy to appreciate that the aforementioned two, most popular and reputable brands for traditional and classic sleeper sofas are undoubtedly on the higher-end of pricing, typically coming in at a minimum premium price of $1,000.00, brand new, whether assembled or flat pack—this should be the expected median range.

If leather is a necessity for you in considering a traditional or classic sleeper sofa, it’s vital that you prepare to shell out a substantial amount of money—and also keep in mind how easily leather can be torn, fade over time, be uncomfortable per the temperature, and unfortunately hold in stains. If it’s only ‘for-show’, then it’s perhaps a great choice for you, if you have the space and funds.

Even for just a two-seater sized sleeper sofa for example, all American leather, can cost you at a minimum; $800.00—and that’s not for a king or Queen Size.

We here at EastmanFurniture want to recommend something perhaps more practical, longer-lasting, and equally beautiful—Faux Leather, or synthetic leather material. If you take the time to research and shop around, you can literally find a three-seater “all leather” (Faux Leather) full couch to sleeper-sofa for an average range price of $450.00 (Check out the Sleeper Sofa, by Wildon Home here: We at Eastman Furniture challenge you to tell us the difference between the quality and comfort of each, and send us your feedback!

Another perfect example and alternative to an all American Leather full-couch and sleeper sofa is the Sleeper Sofa by Jennifer Taylor (Find here:, this couch literally transforms into a twin-bed sized sleeper sofa, and has the appearance of a leather couch backing—although it’s actually polyester. You can find comparable sleeper sofas and alternatives to leather-material by searching and considering additional sleeper sofas such as this one, within these categories, and the alternative materials outlined above.

If you’re set on purchasing an all American Leather Sleeper Sofa, prepare to shell out at a minimum, $1,000.00. Although you can find and select an ottoman style, comfort chair, and even sectional, it’s important to keep in mind that they easily will range upwards of $2,200.00-$4,500.00. Brynlee is one brand name to keep in mind, or if you’re set on all American Leather sleeper sofas then there’s the Nathan Comfort Sleeper Sofa. You can find these on FlyByNight, or

Modernized Sleeper Sofas and You

Modern sleeper sofas are just that, modern, both in appearance and construct. If you look at a modern J&M sleeper sofa, or one night stand convertible sofa for example; you’re going to really see the premium quality build, as well as added length, assembly, and open to closing mechanisms that really reflect a strong convenience in mind for you as the customer—along with your guests.

When it comes to modern sleeper sofas, think of Ikea style, but then multiply that by about 8. These are not cheap furniture pieces, come in a wide range of selections, and in fact in light of the premium prices for these, you’ll notice that modern sleeper sofas are built to nearly every style, size, and mattress to frame grade and material that you could think of—or more importantly desire.

If you’re considering purchasing a modern sleeper sofa, prepare yourself to shell out at least $800.00, for an either top of the line quality, (Timothy brand) two seat sleeper sofa, or conversely a dynamic, modern or ‘new age’ sleeper sofa like the Premium Sofa Bed—a unique style and build, which is not for everyone in terms of comfort of support.

The principal here is to appreciate what each price range will allow for your selection, desirability, and actual comfort—based on the style, size of course, brand, and appearance—such as a classic or novelty look.

The reality is, some of these modern sleeper sofa’s might be viewed as more ‘for show’ than daily usage, but are indeed incredibly beautiful, dynamic, and come in very creative styles—such as The Premier Crash Convertible Sofa by Sauder. If you shop around a bit, you can try to match the size and comfort to your budget—but there’s definitely a trend with modern sleeper sofas of paying in the range of between $1,000.00-$2,100.00, should you get creative and fall in love with such a unique, original style. Count on reliable, detailed, honest sources such as LoveYourSofa to lead the way and take the first few steps towards your next premium, modern, and classical or traditional sleeper sofa!

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Comparing Sleeper Sofa Styles and You

Coming from the days of futons, “cots”, sleeping on the floor with blankets and pillows, to blow up air mattresses; we all know the physical and mental pain or anguish associated with sleeping over a friends place for the night and the accompanying fear of not sleeping comfortably.

Although sleeper sofas are not a new concept, many people don’t realize the broad variety available to them, how or where to find them, what a fair price is for one, and most importantly which one would best suit their home for the sake of daily usage or just simply weekend guests.

At Eastman Furniture we want to not only expose you to the various styles and models of sleeper sofas, but also help you easily understand, make sense of price-range, and be able to say “I know that one!” when someone references the difference between a Burton Modular Sleeper Loveseat, a DHP Emily Grey Linen Convertible Futon, and why a Dublexo Deluxe Sofa is in principal, designed for two or more persons to sleep on, at different angles, given the right sizes and height.

Why a Budget and Sleeper Sofa Futons Might Work

Believe it or not, there is absolutely a distinction between a futon sofa, versus a sleeper sofa futon. In fact, a simple way to conceptualize the difference is to appreciate that a sleeper sofa futon was designed with typically more premium grade materials, such as chrome legs, an iron frame, and a much more consistently responsive open to closing mechanism than the ‘run of the mill’ futons that you may have purchased in the past at Wal-Mart for $100.00—not to discredit the value of finding good deals, but rather to point you in a more profitable, practical direction to get the most out of what you pay!

Futon sleeper sofas actually start out quite basic, from a Klik Klak Convertible Sleeper Sofa (just peaking $200.00 available on WayFair) to an Emily Convertible Futon—which has a very classy, vinyl look to it, is comfortable, and actually would not be assumed to even be a sleeper sofa or “futon”. Should you be using your sleeper sofa futon on a more regular basis, than a Premier Carver Convertible Sleeper Sofa might be a very ideal selection for you, as it has arm rests (head rests) on each side, barring you’re the right height and weight to sleep comfortably on it. The ladder costing a more modest, average (discounted) price of about $500.00.

If you’re looking for a sleeper sofa with character, an attractive wooden frame, and not afraid to expose the fact that it’s likely a futon sleeper sofa, than the Phoenix Suede Futon and Mattress is a perfect fit for you! (You can find that product directly here: It’s very stylish, and comes in a modest neutral black to navy blue color scheme. With solid hardwood construction, 294 coils, and no tools needed to assemble, it’s definitely a desirable sleeper sofa futon for someone seeking to add not only comfort, but also character and personality to their home. The collapsible table extension is an added bonus, and although just peaking $500.00, this sleeper sofa futon has great reviews, is sturdy, solid, and given the substantial amount of coils is likely to be quite comfortable.

Lay Flat Sofas are Modern and Stylish

Many people have not been exposed to a modern lay flat sleeper sofa, as the majority of the most dynamic designs for this model of sleeper sofas will typically be found on premium furniture manufacturer websites, are sometimes custom built, or simply only available via the internet.  Two big names to keep in mind for true lay flat sleeper sofas are DHP and Jacksonville. These are considered premium grade, modern, and dynamically designed lay-flat sleeper sofa’s that are built for comfort, flexibility, style, and appearance. has a very nice selection of various models and styles of sleeper sofas, but easily start at and exceed a $1,000.00 budget—but there’s no harm in shopping around! If you’re looking for quality and size in a sleeper sofa couch or futon, we here at EastmanFurniture have received numerous positive feedback on Full Sleepers from! You can easily get a Queen Size at just over half a grand.

Lay flat sleeper sofas and futon sleeper sofas can easily be confused with one another, however a key distinguishing factor to tell the difference is that lay flat sleeper sofas commonly have more unique styles, positions, and fittings; such as adjustable head-rests, the various positions each side can be risen or put down to, and what sides or corners actually have this mobility—while a futon sleeper sofa will typically just shift from couch to futon, up and down—through these two positions-only.

An excellent choice for a modern lay flat sleeper sofa, especially for an “ikea-like” feel would be the DHP Layton Marsala Linen Chaise—even better, these types of lay flat sleeper sofas are fairly in the same range as futon sleeper sofas, starting just shy of $200.00!

If you’re looking for a lay-flat sleeper sofa with more added comfort, style, and strength, then the Seattle White and Green Futon Sofa Bed is a perfect combination of a “lay flat” style, combined with a sleeper sofa futon structure. This company and product will run you a bit higher, starting at around $600.00, however is constructed of a wooden frame which is very sturdy, long-lasting, and an also very attractive leatherette feel and look to it—naturally, you get a bit more when you pay a bit more.

Should you be a businessman or businesswoman, or just really looking for something with an extra classy-touch to it, then the Furniture of America Deep Cushion 2-Piece Sleeper Sofa is an excellent choice, made from chrome and bicast leather.  This is a very well put together sleeper sofa and couch, given its chrome and solid wood construction, and is sure to hold a substantial amount of weight as both a couch and sleeper sofa, provide plenty of comfort, and really add a sophisticated feel to your home.

How important are sleeper sofa feet size and fittings?

While replacing feet on a sleeper sofa is not an impossible task, it can be easily done with even stronger grade material, barring the measurements are the same via a site or source such as For example, you can check out a set here:

However, in terms of changing the feet size on what you already have on your sleeper sofa, this is not recommended. In fact, such a modification could void your warranty, or even cause accidental damage or injury. Always stick to your sleeper sofa manual, and when in doubt contact the manufacturer for questions or concerns regarding your product!

Catch some stylish, comfier Zzz’s with EastmanFurniture!


Sofas: How are they made.

The sofa manufacturing process dates all the way back to the time of ancient Egypt. Many of the pharaohs tombs had been furnished with sofas and other furniture as well. Most furnishings had been reserved only for the rich back in those days. In the West, upholstery became more popular over the years as our technology and resources improved. Before the 1500’s, many tapestries were made and used as a source of insulation. These tapestries were even applied to hard benches. Looking back in time, these tapestries were main building block toward manufacturing better couches.

Not many people know about how much time goes into constructing a sofa. Handmade or factory process doesn’t really make much of a difference because it still can take weeks or even months to make a sofa. A single couch will require 300 to 600 hours of labor. Each couch requires heavy machinery such as power saws. There are also hand tools used to carve out couch frames, giving it a highly unique look. In this article, we will discuss the basics of manufacturing a sofa and how it is done.

Sofa materials, origin and sustainability

There are many materials needed to create a sofa. Here is some information on how a sofa is made. If after reading this article you want to learn more about the sofa manufacturing process, there are many articles on Eastman Furniture.

The first step is constructing the frame. Think of it as the skeletal foundation. The wood must be clear of any type of damage, scratches, or defects. When an upholstery craftsman makes the sofa, they measure the thickness of the wood. The reason why is because they must take into consideration the webbing. All arms, back sections, seats and legs are secured using glue joints and comer braces. Each is screwed into place accordingly.

After this, it is time to add the padding. One type of webbing is called Jute which was crafted in India. The Jute is taken and interwoven into sections. These are stretched over the entire frame and then screwed down. The springs must be secured into the webbing by using flax twine as strap. About 2 lines of the twine are used, placing in position and then secured around the spring from back to the front. More lines are added to the rows after this.

Every part is padded using layers of burlap. Sometimes they also add horsehair or any other synthetic material during the construction of the sofa. Once this is done, they cover everything with a muslin sheet. The arms of the chair are also constructed the same way using padding and burlap. Extra padding has also been secured to the arms for a more comfortable fit.

Measuring and recording takes place in a cutting list. Each piece and panel must be measured. This way they don’t use too much fabric or not enough. Each panel has been outlined in chalk so this way they match all of the seams during application. If the pieces or panels require sewing, this will be done prior to fitting.

Once everything is finished, the sofa must be flipped over. The base will be covered with a special fabric dust cover. This is the time they choose a skirt and add welted panel covers. The cushions are obviously made separately in order to cover the seats.

Sofa manufacturing; Made from MDF, pine, hardwood

The frame of a sofa is the most important part since this mainly holds everything together. High-end sofas are often made from kiln-dried hardwood such as oak or maple. These are constructed using screws, glue and wood blocks. Additionally, metal corner braces are added to strengthen the couch and add to it’s durability. These sofas have a life of a hundred years or more.

With medium priced sofas, they include hardwood and also softer woods such as pine or plywood. These may not be the best when compared with high-end sofas but they won’t fall apart the moment you sit in them. Pine usually shapes out the curves within the arms of the couch and even the back. Sometimes they even reinforce these with plywood to give the sofa extra strength.

Lastly is inexpensive sofas which you should try to stay away from. The reason being is because alot are made from pine and chipboard. This sofa may last for 7 years if you take good care of it. Otherwise, it is not good if you have kids who like to jump on the couch. The problem with these sofas is that the arms tend to wiggle and everything is put together using staples and metal braces. The staples aren’t very adequate for this type of sofa and can become loose or out of place.

Fire proofing and suitability to tenants

Many sofas that have been constructed over the last decade will contain flame retardants so you don’t need to worry about fire proofing. You can tell if your couch is fireproof by flipping it over and reading the tag. It usually has a reading from the California Bureau of Home Furnishing Technical Building 117 which states that it meets all of the flammability requirements. This requirement goes all the way back to 1970 however if you have an antique sofa that is from the 1940’s or even older, you may need to get a new sofa.

The state standard is a little different now since many parents were worried about the toxicity of flame retardants. It was found that flame retardants can be dangerous for children to breathe in. Therefore, the state standards now only require that sofas are “cigarette resistant” instead of “flame resistant” which makes a big difference.

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Sofa fabrics, leather, durablend, faux or fabric: How to choose

Choosing a sofa that fits your home entails that you focus on a few different characteristics of the sofa such as comfort, type of material, durability, style and maintenance. There are many different types of sofas available such as leather, durablend, faux or fabric. Other fabrics include knit, velvet, Olefin, acrylic, Polypropylene, etc. Aside from this, you also need to choose a style. You will look through sectional sofas, love sofas or even round sofas.

Finding a brand new sofa for your home is not only fun but also a memorable experience. Be sure to make it more worthwhile by researching the different types of sofas. This way you choose the right fit for your needs and the home. You want something that adheres to your budget and is comfortable. It’s also important to look for a pattern or style that matches the color or theme of your home.

The best way to choose a sofa is by looking at your home first. Does it have a theme? What colors are the walls painted? What types of decorations do you have? Usually you want to get a sofa that has matching colors as your home. You also want a couch that is a functional fit. Let’s say you often have friends who sleep over, crashing in the living room. Every night you need to pull out the air bed. This is neither functional nor is appropriate for the room. Instead, you should decide on a pull out sofa.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about if you plan on purchasing a new sofa. Let’s look at the top characteristics when it comes to purchasing a sofa. This guide will help you choose the best sofa for your home and needs.


The number one rule of buying a sofa is to try it before you buy it. That’s right, sit down in it for a few minutes to see how you feel. With leather sofas, you might notice they are cooler for you but you may feel as if you are sinking into them. These sofas are not recommended if you have cats. If you do have cats that like to claw, a fabric sofa is the best choice.

The benefit of fabric sofas is that they are warm and fully supports your spine. A Durablend sofa is much like leather sofa. The only difference is that it is fuller, providing extra cushioning for your neck and back.

Look for sofas that have end pillows on them as these types will give you added comfort. They are great for the neck if you tend to lie down on your back, with your neck supported. You will be able to find sofas that are considered rare, but work for those of you who prefer being close to the floor. For example, you can look for floor couch sofas. There are many different styles of these and they are much like a bed.

Type of material

The types of material are very important when choosing a sofa. You will find that antique sofas are made from fabric and can be customized if you want to change the style.

  • Sofas made from synthetic fibers are better if you have kids around the house since they are not easily stained. Synthetics include polyester, nylon acrylic or olefin. This type of material is often blended with other natural fibers so they are more durable.
  • With other sofas that have natural fiber, you will encounter materials cotton, linen or wool. Natural fibers are usually created from a mix of process wool and other materials.
  • As for leather, it is not really considered a fabric. The reason why is because it is made from processed animal hide. If you plan on getting leather, make sure it is top grain. This is considered the highest quality leather among couches. It is also incredibly thick, unlike split-grain or suede leathers.
  • Wool sofas are incredibly beautiful but their beauty comes with a price. You might have trouble finding this type of material since it is rare. However, it is a good pick if you want something that will keep you warm. This sofa is ideal for those who live in cold environments and need something that will make them feel comfortable.

Material durability

If your home is considered a “high traffic area” where you invite many people in or have a lot of family members, you will want to focus on the material durability of your sofa. After all, since this sofa is being used throughout the day with everyone sitting on it, you will see some heavy wear and tear over the years. For this, you want to look into the top most durable types of sofas.

Microfiber is one of the top rated among a sofa’s durability. Not only that, it is easy to clean. If your child comes with a ballpoint pen and scribbles all over the microfiber, it will come out instantly when you clean it.

One way to extend the durability of your sofa is by adding a slip cover. Almost all couches can have slipcovers added to them. Not only does a slip cover give your sofa another style but it also protects your investment. Your couch will be protected from scratches, pen marks, nail polish, dirt, dust, and so on. It is also great for people who have dogs. Having a softa with tons of hair on it isn’t fun. However, by using a slipcover, you will be able to wash it twice a week so that way your couch always looks clean.

How easy to clean

Most sofa types are easy to clean if you know the correct way to clean them. Pets or kids can definitely damage the a couch and this is why you need to clean it on a weekly basis. By doing this, you will keep your sofa looking new and clean. After all, you want to extend the life of the couch right? The longer you wait to clean your couch, the more difficult it will be to remove stains, scratches, and other marks. Most people get a new couch every 7 years on average. If you take good care of your couch, you could extend it’s life to even 10 years.

With a microfiber sofa, it will be incredibly easy to clean. As we mentioned previously, any type of stains will disappear when you clean your sofa. The correct way to clean this type of sofa is by first vacuuming it with the hose attachment on your vacuum. Do not press the nozzle down to hard on the fabric or you could press dust into the microfiber. Begin vacuuming the the sofa in one direction and then go in the opposite direction to ensure you have cleaned out all the dust and dirt. Now mix a little laundry soap into a bowl of cold water. Take a clean washcloth and dip it into this water. Begin cleaning your sofa by rubbing the washcloth against the fibers gently. You see how easy that was to clean?

For those of you with leather sofas, the easiest way to clean it is using the same method we mentioned above. The only difference is that after the sofa has dried, you will need to apply a leather shampoo and conditioner. This makes the leather look shiny and new. For stains that are hard to get out, you can use tartar and lemon juice. Rubbing alcohol is also good for stains but just be sure not to use too much.

Materials make a statement

A sofa can make a statement within your home, especially for the material. There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to buying a sofa. You have at least 17 different fabrics to choose from. On top of that, you will need to decide on a print type. There is plaid, floral, stripes, frames, geometrics, and ethnic patterns. If your home calls for something highly unique, you can also have a customized slipcover made for you. It may be very expensive to do this but it will definitely bring out the beauty in your sofa.

If you are someone who has a lot of rugs or carpeting around the home, you’ll want to make sure the texture of your sofa matches or is somewhat similar. For example, if you have a brown leather couch with a Persian rug beneath, it may not suit your home very well. If you really want to make a statement with a leather sofa, it is best to use a faux animal rug. This looks especially great on dark hardwood floor.

The best way to make your sofa stand out is by adding complimentary items around it such as end tables, decorations or even pictures. Flowers in vases look exceptional next to a sofa or even on the coffee table in front of it. Play around and see what looks best.

Overall, there are so many options when it comes to sofas. Now that we have covered everything you need to know, it is your turn to make a decision on what type of sofa you would like. For more information on sofas, you can look at other articles on Eastman Furniture.