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7 Quality Grey Leather and Fabric Sleeper Sofa’s

When deciding on the best sleeper sofa for you, comfort is a huge variable! We at LoveYourSofa acknowledge such an important characteristic of sleeper sofas, and have put together a list of some of the most premium-built, plushy, comfortable, and long-lasting yet practical fabric and leather sleeper sofas for you to consider!

When it comes to comfort, minimal sacrifices should be made–including from your wallet. Many people don’t realize it, but even some of the most modern, comfortable, and practical leather and fabric sleeper sofas are considerably very affordable, especially in comparison to competitors—such as air mattresses, plain ol’ futons, or just a box and mattress thrown on the floor for short-term use!

Serta Dream Convertible Boca Sofa

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Serta is well known for making extremely comfortable beds and sofa furniture. In fact, many people compare their products to the likes of medical-grade foam and mattresses—such as Tempur-Pedic.

This fabric sleeper sofa is built with very durable materials including charcoal fabric upholstery with tufting and wooden legs for enhanced durability.

Although firm, this Serta fabric sleeper sofa has a very plushy feel to it, has multiple positions or angles for comfort, and even folds its arm-rests in for added comfort as “ad-hoc” pillows!

Given its multitude of adjustable range and positions, this is a perfect sleeper sofa for watching the T.V., inclining back to relax and take a nap, or completely laid down for a sleeper sofa to use overnight or on the weekends. Of the two-seats included in this sleeper sofa it’s an even more appealing feature that you can have one angled in a lounge (known as a split-back feature) or sleep position, with the other seat remaining standing–or “inclined”.

Style, comfort, and durability are all strong factors of this Serta fabric sleeper sofa and it definitely offers a very premium-product for an arguably affordable, premium price. If you like a firm, yet ‘cushiony’ feel to your sleeper sofa then this is the perfect match for you!

Checkout this fabric Sleeper Sofa on Amazon HERE.

Adeco Fabric Fiber Sofa Bed Lounge

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Weighing in at just under 100lbs, this Adeco Fabric Fiber Sleeper Sofa is a must-have! This sleeper sofa takes futon design into the future, modernizing it and providing a double-cushion structure along with a very stylish appeal.

This sleeper sofa is extremely comfortable, yet firm enough not to sink in or touch the frame–and can easily seat 3 or more people! Given its split-back functionality, lounge position, and sleeper sofa capabilities this is definitely a desirable sleeper sofa for those looking to add style to their living or entertainment room—as well as provide a plushy and comfortable sleeping solution for guests!

Adeco is well known for making comfortable sleeper sofas, and given its stainless steel frame, this one is definitely built to last! We found this sleeper sofa to be very competitive in price, easy to assemble, and simply classy!

Checkout this fabric Sofa Bed Lounge at Amazon HERE.

Basel Sectional Leather Modern Sofa Grey

Check Price at Modani.

The Basel Sectional Modern Leather Grey Sofa is genuine-leather—and therefore should be appreciated for coming in at a premium price—just at around $1300 dollars. Whether or not bonded or full leather, such a material will be costly, especially the ladder given the size of the sleeper sofa—so this is definitely a good deal in comparison to competing brands and fellow leather sleeper sofas!

The Basel Leather Sofa is very large and can seat up to multiple people, would be great for everyday lounging, hosting a house-party, or simply enjoying time with your family.

Although leather couches and furniture are not known for being the most comfortable, this leather sofa is firm, and reinforced with comfortable materials. However, it’s worth noting that many people (for first time buyers it’s significant) will typically put a plastic protector or cover on their leather furniture to preserve its quality and avoid stains or accidents. Also, adding a throw-blanket on top of one’s leather couch for added-comfort and protection is not exactly uncommon either.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a very classy, genuine leather sectional sofa to spice up your modern apartment or home–and ideally don’t have pets or kids: due to accidents or abuse–then this sectional sofa is very ideal—however not recommended for sleeping days on end as a couch.

Checkout this Leather Sectional Sofa at Modani.

Leather Possibilities Track-Arm Queen Sleeper Sofa

Check Price at JCPenney

Whether you’re seeking top-grain or split-leather, this is a beautiful selection and addition for your home in the form of a genuine leather sleeper sofa.

Although a bit on the firm-side, the polyurethane foam and bonded polyester provide a comfortable seating and allow the sleeper sofa to “mold” to your liking. Given the premium elastic webbing and pinned to glued joinery it may be at times difficult to maintain or clean, as well as preventing pops, tears, and cracks–so special care and maintenance are necessary to keeping this leather sleeper sofa in top shape!

Made out of a hardwood to softwood frame this leather sleeper sofa is built durably, extremely classy, and relatively stylish.

Avoiding direct heat and sunlight are essential with any real leather furniture, and the same applies to this sleeper sofa! Not exactly the most recommended for children or pets. However, if you already have other leather furniture, or are seeking a more “business” look to your home then this would be the perfect addition!

Checkout this Leather Sleeper Sofa at JCPenney HERE.

Navasota Queen Sofa Sleeper

Serving as both a quality-sleeper and quality sofa, the Navasota is very sophisticated.

High-end coil support and an extra springy ‘bounce’ provide you the ability to not have to struggle to get out of your seat, and yet its plushy feel gives you added comfort for long-term use both as a sofa as well as a sleeper.

The Chenille upholstery and nailhead trim really accent the flavor and classiness of this fabric sleeper sofa. It truly looks like it was designed to fit royalty!

To top it all off, its pull-out sleeper sofa is also made of durable, comfortable material and provides a plushy experience for sleeping as well!

Checkout the Navasota Fabric Sleeper Sofa from Ashley Furniture HERE.

Nalini Queen Sofa Sleeper

The Nalini Fabric Sleeper Sofa is also dressed for royalty, adds class to your home, and provides a much-desired cushiony’ feel for your bottom for long-term use. It is very soft to the touch, contours to your body, and the sleeper sofa is easy to use, and is also very comfortable.

The plush upholstery used is made of premium materials, guaranteeing a long-lasting relationship between you and your Nalini. Its queen-size adds to desirability as it not only seats more, but sleeps more!

The textured twill weave and soothing dusty hue design and appearance make this fabric sleeper sofa very desirable, as well as easy to maintain! Consumers have reported a preference of using this as a sleeper over a couch, as the couch gives a unique feel, but perhaps lacks contortion to your body and might be more firm than to some users liking—preferences may vary!

Ashley Furniture is notorious for providing premium comfort however at affordable costs, and coming in just at around $800 this is definitely what we at LoveYourSofa would consider to be a worthwhile investment for your home as a durable, classy sleeper sofa!

Checkout the Nalini Fabric Sleeper Sofa at Ashley Furniture HERE.

Lottie DuraBlend® Full Sofa Sleeper

The Lottie DuraBlend® Full Sofa Sleeper is a very stylish, comfortable, and classy selection to a “leather” sleeper sofa, likely strong vinyl or bonded leather, without the added headache of maintenance!

The Lottie is built from memory-foam both in the couch as well as mattress pull-out, so you’re guaranteed comfort–no matter how frequently you use it!

Lottie is known for making classic and classy looking furniture, and with the added comfort this is hands down a top choice if you’re seeking to get a return of investment for long-term usage both as a couch and sleeper sofa! The Lottie seats up to three or more, and is very stylish with its nail-head design and rolled arm-rests that provide added support and comfort!

Consumers give great feedback on this sleeper sofa, so if you’re seeking the ultimate comfort then consider this the ultimate choice!

At just under $1000, (on-sale) this leather sleeper sofa is competitively priced and far outweighs the benefits and materials of fellow competition. In fact, the premium grade memory-foam and comfort alone pay for itself!

Checkout the Lottie Durablend Sleeper Sofa from Ashely Furniture HERE.

We at Eastman Furniture have laid out some of the most in-demand, practical, and comfortable leather to fabric sleeper sofa solutions above.

We’ve found that the range of approximately $600-$1000 is optimal for obtaining a quality, large, and very comfortable sleeper sofa from various well-known outlets, such as Ashley Furniture or Amazon.

Each of these sleeper sofas come with a strong guarantee and warranty as they are from very reputable sellers, have received great feedback, and are our top picks for both style and comfort!

In particular, the Serta Dream Convertible and Lottie happen to be our two top-favorite picks as they are offering premium and beyond quality, comfort, and style all at an affordable price! If you’re serious about your comfort, want to add a classy sleeper sofa to your home, or are simply looking for a short-term (long lasting) sleeper sofa, leather or fabric, these are our top picks for you!