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6 Designer Black Leather Sleeper Sofa’s

For those that seek modern comfort and design in a sleeper sofa, many turn to ones in which are manufactured out of high grade genuine leather, “pleather”, bonded, or otherwise faux leather textures and materials as a more affordable solution.

While such a decision is not necessarily budget based but more on practicality, many find that said materials better withstand everyday wear and tear, sunlight, and even slight abuse from little ones or pets which will inevitably cause wear and tear to their cherished sleeper sofa one way or another. Comparably, with vinyl being an optimal alternative, we’ve outlined some comparable products to better suit your needs and expectations.

Let’s take a look at our 6 Designer Black Leather Sleeper Sofa options, and what might best suit you. After careful consideration, we here at Eastman Furniture are confident that we’ve narrowed down the competition and provided both practicality and affordability through these various black leather sleeper sofas.

Onyxia 3 Seater Eco Black Leather Modern Sofa Bed

If you’re seeking a classy, modern to contemporary designed black leather sofa bed then this is a very ideal selection. Although it includes a ‘plushy’ cushioning to it, the couch allows a lot of air flow and is therefore not the most comfortable over long-time usage. The bed on the other hand is a bit more comfortable, but still suffers from comfort and cushioning due to its majority firm metal frame. However, on the flip side, the side-arm rests are very cushioning and appealing both to the eye and for everyday use as a couch.

If you’re going to regularly use the Onyxia as a sleeper sofa there’s nothing wrong with that, but adding a mattress-topper might be in your best interest if you don’t desire a ‘firm’ feel. The chrome feet on this sleeper sofa are very appealing and well-designed. Overall, this black leather sleeper sofa, thanks to its design, will withstand regular use, a bit of abuse, and is semi-resistant to scratches or cracks. However, with any form of leather, faux or not, it will wear down over time with excessive continued usage.

Checkout this Sleeper Sofa at Modani HERE

Urban Black Full Sleeper Sofa

It’s evident that this black leather sleeper sofa was meant for durability, built from a long-lasting (bonded) leather material. In fact, given its steel trampoline mechanism combined with its spring coils, it definitely has a substantial amount of give, bounce, and ability to withstand prolonged or consistent use. Additionally, if you have little ones it will hold up well to a bit of bouncing around or energetic individuals that otherwise move around a lot on the couch.

The Sleeper sofa is quite comfortable as it’s made with an innerspring mattress. This is a stylish, yet basic black leather sleeper sofa, with a plushy look to it. The added dual-locking T.V. headrest shows the manufacturer went above and beyond to provide substantial, unique comfort to its users, so that’s a big plus!

Given its attractive high wood accent legs it’s definitely got some class to it! Lastly, as this sleeper sofa is backed with a 1 Year Warranty, so it’s definitely one of our top picks for getting a return on your investment—although on the higher end nearly fetching a $1000 price-tag.

Checkout this Sleeper Sofa on Amazon HERE.

Coaster Fine Furniture Samuel Contemporary Black Leather Sleeper Sofa

If you’re looking to get a 3-seater quality sleeper sofa with a leather “appearance” then this is the ideal product for you! Although it states its genuine leather, it’s likely not, nor bonded leather, and is most probable to be made of vinyl plastic. However, with that being said, you are getting the design of a nearly $1000 triple-seater sleeper sofa for a little over $200. In reality, you get what you pay for, and anyone who has general leather knowledge knows that genuine leather fully wrapped around a piece of furniture of this size would easily cost into the $1000’s of dollars.

On the other hand, this Coaster Fine Furniture Triple-Seater Black “Leather” Sleeper Sofa is reportedly very comfortable, plushy, has some bounce to it, and is not uncomfortable as a sleeper sofa. In fact, given its monstrous size, it should be no surprise that the pull out sleeper sofa and mattress for this product is quite large and comfortable for weekly or occasional use. If you don’t have any other options it’s still easily 10x better than an air mattress or mattress on the floor—which easily can cost as much as this triple-seater leather sleeper sofa, if not more! Bearing all of this in mind, if you’re looking to get a nice, “quick”, bang for your buck for a large likely ‘pleather’ sleeper sofa then this is a good choice. In reality, without abuse and neglect, keeping it out of the sun, and not exposing it to harmful stains and chemicals, it should easily last a few years.

Checkout this Sleeper Sofa on Amazon

Onyx Black Leather Possibilities Track-Arm Queen Sleeper Sofa

Now this is a fully genuine Black Leather Sleeper Sofa. It has variations in leather-options by offering the ability to order it in either top-grain leather, or split-grain leather, both either coming from or combining parts of real cowhide. With that being said, it’s essential that you expect a premium price—to be specific, approximately $2,600. This however, is indeed a very good price, especially considering it easily seats three, and is also a sleeper sofa.

In comparison, you would easily get a pleather, bonded leather, or vinyl couch of the same size with the same style idea for a bit around half the price of this—mind you this specific Black Leather Sleeper Sofa from JCP Penney’s is 40% off, originally costing $4,350. There is great appeal to this generously sized, genuine leather sleeper sofa and couch. That is, as it both has the appeal of real leather, but also being backed by a very well-known brand, manufacturer’s warranty, and considerably a high-grade premium product in comparison to many of the sleeper sofa’s we here at Eastman Furniture have sent your way for consideration! With premium elastic webbing and cushions reinforced with polyurethane foam and bonded polyester for an added layer of comfort, you’re definitely getting the most comfort with this black genuine leather sleeper sofa.


Checkout this Sleeper Sofa at JCPenney HERE.

Dark Brown / Black Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Sleeper Sofa

Coaster Home Furnishings is a well-known reputable manufacturer that makes reliable, stable, comfortable, and decently appealing sleeper sofas in a variety of types, sizes, and levels of comfort and materials.

This Bonded Black Leather Sleeper Sofa is quite comfortable, coming with tufted cushions and a firm, but enjoyable plushy feel to it, sidearm rests, and plushy backseat cushions. While you can switch or remove to clean most of the cushions through their built-in zippers, the primary lounge chair cushion is the exception to this.

Great feedback and reviews have been given towards this multiple seater couch and sleeper sofa bed. The large sleeper sofa bed and mattress are comfortable as well, have some innersprings that keep it firm, and will withstand frequent usage over time.

Although bonded-leather, no reports of cracking or peeling have been stated or experienced, so this is definitely an appealing and desirable design and product in comparison to others of comparable price and style. At almost $800 we definitely believe you get what you’re paying for and then some, however the price is indeed reaching a premium level and might be out of budget for some.


Checkout this Sleeper Sofa on Amazon HERE.

Alliston DuraBlend® Sleeper Sofa

Ashley Furniture has always been known to produce some of the world’s most comfortable sleeper sofa’s known to man and has a strong reputation, as well as warranty program, to back that up. In addition to this, Ashley Furniture has of most recently been increasingly upping its game in manufacturing reliable, leather sleeper sofas for a fraction of the cost which other companies charge—often not even with genuine leather, faux, or simply vinyl plastic.

Given its three seater wide design, cotton, leather, and polyester build, the reinforced polyurethane upholstery and inner leather make this sleeper sofa designed for added comfort. While firm, it also contours to your body and easily gives the plushy look it reflects within a matter of days of ‘breaking it in’. The leather withstands everyday usage well, and the pull out sleeper sofa is also very comfortable.

At just around $550, this is a really good deal considering the added comfort and long-lasting materials as well as pleather design and classy style and appearance. With its Durablend built technique, the sleeper sofa and couch functions of this Alliston sofa will undoubtedly contour to your body in an ergonomic fashion.

Checkout this Sleeper Sofa at Ashley Furniture HERE

If you’re seeking to spend a little bit more and get more style, comfort, and size, then the Ashley Furniture Alliston Durablend Sleeper Sofa might be a perfect fit for you. If you, however, are seeking to gain a black leather premium sleeper sofa couch and are willing to shell out a thousand dollars or two, then the JCP Penney’s (Black) Leather Possibilities Track-Arm Queen Sleeper Sofa would be a supreme fit for you and your home! It’s extremely comfortable and will last for many years to come, supporting and offering comfort to you, your loved ones, and any guests you might have over for the night or weekend. It’s also extremely comfortable as just a couch!

Should you be looking for a black leather sleeper sofa that will stand up to frequent or everyday use (and possibly minor abuse) by children and animals, then the Sleeper Sofa Size: Full, Color: Urban Black by Inroom Designs, built with an inner spring and trampoline mechanism could be the perfect fit for you!

Ultimately, how and what you invest your money in, weighing out the pros and cons of each, what specific grade and material you’re seeking for your home, how it’s going to be used, and to what capacity size, (as well as lifetime duration) should all weigh heavily on your decision! Although we at Eastman Furniture tried to make the process a bit easier for you, we encourage you to search comparable models from the manufacturers we recommended should you seek a different style, size, materials, or perhaps price—as we made it a strong effort to only supply you with the most practical, reputable options and company-brands!

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