Who We Are at Eastman Furniture

We here at Eastman Furniture have been researching and providing solutions for (more) comfortable sleeping through sleeper sofa products for more than 10 years!

At Eastman Furniture we are a team of staff compiled of sleeper-sofa “experts” and customers ourselves—so you get the most honest, genuine, and profitable advice, guidance, and answers related to your questions, concerns, or comments regarding the broad range of sleeper sofa products available in today’s market!

We don’t believe in pressuring customers to make purchases that won’t benefit them in the most comfortable, meaningful, and honest ways possible and therefore don’t fulfill any agenda for advertising or “promoting” specific sleeper sofa products or accessories.

We believe that there’s a perfect ‘custom’ fit to every prospective customer out there, and encourage you to not only take our word for it, but also sift through our own blog posts, reviews, and correspondences with real customers in which we’ve accumulated over the years!

Leading other knowledge and advice sites, we provide advice and guidance for sleeper sofa products based on years of industrial knowledge, trial and error of our own experiences, and extensive research conducted by our writers, analysts, and product specialists!

Whether or not you’re seeking something simple or sophisticated, we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect sleeper sofa match!

Feel free to browse around our site, check out the hottest and most trending sleeper sofa products, find warnings and advisories on any potentially harmful or defective products (we have your safety in mind), and at any time just click and submit any feedback or suggestions you might have for our site!

We love to work with, hear from, and guide you into a more comfortable sleeping experience!


Truly Yours,

The Eastman Furniture Team